Using Classic Cycle Plans in WeChat CRM

Cycle plans provide users with a list of targets within their territory to properly promote company brands and messages within a specified time period. Classic Cycle Plans provide basic cycle plan functionality for activities only from the Call2_vod object. Users can view cycle plan targets and cycle plan details in classic cycle plans.

Users can view the cycle plan details for all products or for a specific product by filtering the list of targets with the product filter. The products available in the filter must exist in one of the following:

  • The user’s My Setup
  • The user’s Cycle Plan Details

A maximum of three fields can be displayed for each Cycle_Plan_Target_vod record or Cycle_Plan_Detail_vod record.

See Classic Cycle Plans for more information.

Configuring Classic Cycle Plans

Prerequisite: Ensure Classic Cycle Plans in Veeva CRM are configured.

To configure classic cycle plans in WeChat CRM, enable the CYCLE_PLAN_FIELDS WeChat Setting. This setting references the CYCLE_PLAN_FIELDS Veeva Message, which contains a list of cycle plan target and cycle plan detail information to display using the following format:

  • Cycle_Plan_Target_vod,<Cycle Plan Target Field 1>,<Cycle Plan Target Field 2>,<Cycle Plan Target Field 3>;;Cycle_Plan_Detail_vod,<Cycle Plan Detail Field 1>,<Cycle Plan Detail Field 2>,<Cycle Plan Detail Field 3>