Capturing GPS Coordinates on the Call Report

Users can capture their GPS coordinates using the Check In button and when submitting the call to stamp the location on the call report. Capturing GPS location coordinates at key points in the call—for example, check in and call report submission—helps maintain compliance with regulations and ensure the user completed the call as described on the call report.


  • Location Services must be enabled and an internet connection is required. It is best practice to train users to keep location services enabled on their device, as this cannot be controlled through a configuration profile.
  • The following are not supported in WeChat CRM:
  • Address_vod object
  • Capturing GPS coordinates on signature capture
  • Capturing GPS coordinates from CLM

Configuring GPS Coordinates on the Call Report

Prerequisite: Ensure Capturing GPS Coordinates on the Call Report in Veeva CRM is configured.

To enable capturing GPS coordinates on the call report:

  1. Grant end users the following permissions:



    Record Types






    • Check_In_Longitude_vod
    • Check_In_Latitude_vod
    • Check_In_Timestamp_vod
    • Check_In_Location_Services_Status_vod
    • Check_In_Status_vod
    • Submit_Location_Latitude_vod
    • Submit_Location_Longitude_vod
    • Submit_Location_Services_Status_vod
    • Submit_Timestamp_vod
    • zvod_Check_In_vod


  2. Add the zvod_Check_In_vod field to the Parent Call section of the appropriate Call2_vod page layout.

    This field does not display if placed in any other section of the page layout.

  3. Select the ENABLE_LOCATION_SERVICES_vod Veeva Setting check box.

Capturing GPS Coordinates on the Call Report

Users can select the Check In button on the call report to capture their current GPS coordinates. The Check In button indicates whether the user was successfully checked in.

Additionally, when a user submits a call, the GPS coordinates are automatically recorded. If the GPS location is not successfully recorded when submitting the call, admins can view the status of the device’s location services at the time of submission on the call report (Submit_Location_Services_Status_vod).

Viewing the GPS Coordinates on a Map

After users check in on a call report, a map thumbnail displays. Users can select the map thumbnail to open the map and view the current location.

Users can also search for account addresses within a set distance from the current location. The distance is defined by the GPS_SEARCH_DISTANCE WeChat Setting.