Engage Connect in Veeva CRM

Engage Connect is an asynchronous messaging platform providing a communication and networking channel between users and HCPs. With Engage Connect, users and HCPs can connect, chat, exchange approved content, request samples, and coordinate meetings all within a single platform, providing greater engagement with HCPs.

Engage Connect consists of the Engage Web Client and Engage mobile application on both iOS and Android used by HCPs, and the Engage Connect mobile application on iOS and Android used by CRM users. Communication and usage data shared between users and HCPs is logged within the Engage Connect system and can be integrated back into Veeva CRM for monitoring or compliance purposes.

HCPs can communicate with CRM Engage Connect users via one of the Engage apps:

Supported Languages for Engage Connect

Engage Connect supports the same languages as Veeva CRM. See Supported Languages for more information. All navigational and instructional text, including tabs, buttons, page headers, and error modals, are translated based on the user's language. The following display in the language in which they were imported or entered and are not translated:

  • Approved Content
  • Samples & Materials requests
  • Brand names and regulatory information
  • Brand Profile resources
  • Names of users and other profile information
  • Chat messages

Sending and receiving chat messages uses UTF-8 encoding. CRM users and HCPs can send and receive messages in a variety of languages and does not depend on the language in which their app displays.

Software Requirements for the Veeva Engage and Engage Speaker Apps

HCPs can use the Veeva Engage apps to join a meeting or connect with CRM users, when the following software requirements are met:

  • Veeva Engage Web Client – The following browsers are supported:
  • Edge Chromium
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Veeva Engage Android App – Device must use Android 8.1 or higher
  • Veeva Engage iOS App – Device must use iOS 12.4 or higher
  • Engage Speaker App – Device must use Windows 10 or higher