Data-Loading Engage Connect Groups

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To create or edit Group Settings for Engage Connect Groups, admins can data-load Engage Connect Group Requests.

For example, Alice Adams has ten users that need to be assigned to two distinct Engage Connect groups. She creates the two Engage Connect groups by data-loading Engage Connect Group Requests, ensuring all appropriate permissions for each group are populated. Alice can then assign the ten User records to the new groups.


To configure this feature:

  1. Grant admins and other users responsible for managing Engage Connect groups the following permissions:



    Record Types






    • Name
    • User_Profile_Company_Name_vod
    • Primary_Color_vod
    • Secondary_Color_vod
    • User_Communication_Channel_vod
    • Display_Future_Meetings_vod
    • Brands_vod
    • External_ID_vod
    • Customer_Key_vod
    • Processing_Status_vod
    • Error_Description_vod


  2. Grant admins and other users responsible for managing Engage Connect groups the View All Data Administration permission on the Engage_Connect_Group_Request_vod.

Data-Loading Engage Connect Group Request Records

Admins can create or update several Engage Connect Groups at once by data-loading Engage_Connect_Group_Request_vod records. Each record should contain the following information:

  • Name – The name of the Engage Connect Group
  • External_ID_vod – When creating a new group, leave this field empty

  • Customer_Key_vod – Custom identifier for the group. Enables managing Engage Connect Groups outside of CRM.
  • All appropriate fields corresponding to Engage Connect Group Settings:
  • Primary_Color_vod
  • Secondary_Color_vod
  • User_Profile_Company_Name_vod
  • User_Communication_Channel_vod
  • Display_Future_Meetings_vod – This field is required
  • Brands_vod – A semi-colon delimited list of the appropriate Engage Connect Brand IDs. Admins can locate this information from the ID column from the Brand tab of the Company Configuration file.

When Engage_Connect_Group_Request_vod records are data-loaded, the Engage Connect server creates or updates the appropriate groups. The data-loaded records are automatically updated with the following information to inform users of the server request status:

  • Processing_Status_vod – Automatically updates to In Process when the record is initially loaded. Updates to either Success or Failure to indicate the server status.
  • Error_Description_vod – If Processing_Status_vod is updated to Failure, this field describes the error preventing the creation or update of the Engage Connect Group
  • External_ID_vod – If a new group was successfully created, this field automatically updates with the group’s External ID. This External ID can be used for future data-loading to update the existing group.