Supporting CLM Content

  • CRM Desktop (Mac, Windows)
  • iPad
  • iPhone

The CLM media player is optimized for electronic detailing with HTML5 media and various other digital assets. The media player supports images, video, and PDF, allowing reuse of existing media libraries.

When creating media, it is important to consider both the quantity and image quality of the media to ensure the Veeva CRM app responds quickly and users do not wait for long periods while media downloads. Larger files are supported, but longer sync times ensue and there is a risk of poorer performance when displaying the media in the media player.




Additional Guidelines




Displays full screen and in landscape view

  • Can be multiple files of type HTML, CSS, images, video and PDF and can be stored in multiple folders
  • Media included with the HTML should be referenced using relative paths, such as /css/styles.css rather than Media referenced using absolute paths is not available when users are out of network coverage.
  • Swiping left or right navigates to other pieces of media, but dragging left, right, and selecting are allowed for in-page navigation. Overriding the swipe gesture is supported. (See Disabling Touch Gestures for more information.)
  • Embedded Flash videos are not supported






  • Displays full screen and in landscape view
  • Small videos stretch to fill the screen
  • Large files increase the battery use of the device during sync: using the highest level of video compression that creates the desired effect is strongly recommended
  • iPad: Videos must be playable in the iPad video player (see Apple's Tech Specs for more information)
    • H.264 MPEG4 is recommended
    • The TV and Video section of Apple's Tech Specs provides more detailed information
  • Windows: only displays .mp4




  • Displays full screen and in landscape view
  • If the resolution of the image is larger than the display, pinch to zoom is allowed

Images should be the smallest resolution and compressed as much as possible without impacting quality. The maximum supported resolution for images is 2499 x 2499.



  • Displays full screen and in landscape view
  • Stretches to fill the screen width

Scrolls vertically

  • Multi-page PDFs are supported
  • For presentations, using HTML5 or images is recommended instead of PDF as those formats can be presented more easily
  • PDF resolution should be 150 dpi with medium quality for image compression
  • Hyperlinks are retained in PDFs, allowing users to navigate within the PDF via internal hyperlinks or access external websites
  • Interactive PDFs are not fully supported due to OS limitations



Displays using native PPT settings

  • Library media that can be opened in PowerPoint displays the PowerPoint logo on the top right of the thumbnail. Selecting the logo launches the presentation in the PowerPoint application.
  • Sub-presentations are not supported for PowerPoint presentations

Supported CLM JavaScript Library Functions for Veeva CRM on Desktop

To provide flexibility when designing new presentations and enable reusing existing presentations, the following functions are supported on the CRM Desktop platforms: