Returning to CLM after Capturing Sample Signatures

  • iPad

Users often disperse samples during a call before displaying CLM and must capture HCP signatures. After capturing and accepting a signature, instead of displaying the call report, the CLM presentation displays in the same place from which the user left to capture the signature.

The samples must be added to the call report before displaying CLM content.

For example, Sarah Jones presents CLM content about Cholecap to Dr. Clinton Ackerman during a meeting. While presenting a slide about Cholecap efficiency, Sarah disperses samples to Dr. Ackerman and needs to capture his signature. Sarah selects the Sign button from the action menu to display the signature screen over the presentation. After accepting Dr. Ackerman’s signature, the slide about Cholecap efficiency displays.

Enabling the Return to CLM after Sample Signatures

To enable this functionality:

  1. Navigate to Custom Settings > Veeva Settings.
  2. Select Manage.
  3. Select Edit.
  4. Select the RETURN_TO_CLM_AFTER_SIGN_vod Veeva Setting check box.
  5. Select Save.

This functionality cannot be used with the –sd section signal. If the section signal is configured, the Sign option does not display in the CLM action menu in the media player. The section –sd is used in Detail Only Signature calls on the zvod_detailing_vod marker field.