Users and Roles in Approved Email

Approved Email has four types of users:

  • Admin user - Enables Approved Email for all other users
  • Integration user - Maintains the credentials the Multichannel engine uses to authenticate the Vault-CRM integration. Integration users exist in both Vault and CRM and can be a new user specifically created for this task, or an existing user. The integration user is typically the Admin user, but there is no limitation on the type of user for this process as long as the following conditions are met:
  • The user has the basic Approved Email Administrator permissions configured
  • The user has access to the API
  • The Password Never Expires field is selected on the user's profile
  • The user's language is set to English in both Vault and CRM
  • Content Creator - Does not need to be a user in either Vault or CRM. Performs the following tasks:
  • Creates and locally tests Approved Email content using HTML and Approved Email tokens
  • May create content using the BEE Editor (Vault user required)
  • Content Admin - A user in both Vault and CRM. The Content Admin performs the following tasks:
  • Creates product records
  • Uploads Email Templates, Email Fragments and Template Fragments to Vault
  • Starts and participates in Vault content approval process
  • Loads content into CRM via the Approved Email Administration page
  • Tests and validates Approved Email content
  • Manages end user access to content
  • Creates and views Approved Email Reports and Dashboards
  • End user - Selects recipients and sends Approved Emails to HCPs