Approved Email on iPhone

  • iPhone

Users can access Approved Email features through a dedicated experience on the iPhone platform. See Approved Email Overview for more information.

Once configured, users can access Approved Email from the default entry points, add and remove recipients, select templates and fragments, preview email messages, and create drafts or scheduled emails. For information on the features supported on iPhone, see Approved Email Platforms.

Functionality Differences

  • Users are only able to select and edit one email template at a time on iPhone
  • Users are unable to edit email addresses within the Approved Email interface on iPhone
  • Users are not warned if recipients have conflicting languages on iPhone


Ensure Approved Email and the Email Tab are configured.


Activate iPhone VMOCs for the following objects:

  • Approved_Document_vod
  • Approved_Email_Settings_vod
  • Attachment
  • Multichannel_Consent_vod
  • Sent_Email_vod
  • User_Detail_vod