Veeva Engage Minor Release Notes – 193.13.10

The items listed below were added in 193.13.10.


Features are new functionality in the Veeva application.

Enabling Password-Protected Meetings

Admins can require a password for an Engage meeting to increase the security of the meeting. Attendee meeting links include the meeting password automatically. Attendees can also enter passwords in the Veeva Engage app or in the Engage Web Client. Veeva Engage apps must be version 201.7.10 or later.

The Password-Protected meetings feature will be available in Production Friday, April 10th. If you plan to test in a Sandbox, this feature will be available in Sandbox orgs on Tuesday, April 14th in the 201.9.0 release.

User Visible and Behavior Changes

  • iPad, Online: The Meeting ID displays on the remote meeting information and invitation modals and the Meeting Name displays on the invitation modal.
  • iPad: The Copy button for Participant URLs is now a copy icon on the remote meeting information and invitation modals.

Known Issue


Issue Description

Issue Number

Online Engage meetings created by a booking agent does not create an alert for the assigned host. CRM-197365