HCP License numbers and expiration dates of a variety of types can be imported from Veeva Network. Depending on the type of License (State License, DEA License, etc.) the proper fields on the Address records are populated when the Network Subscription is run. There is no need to map any License fields from Veeva Network to Veeva CRM – the integration handles these automatically.

For US customers who subscribe to OpenData, CDS licenses are part of the data offering and are imported to CRM for relevant HCPs.

Network License Eligibility for Sampling

Network has a field that contains the sample eligibility of license records for specific HCPs or addresses. The values of the field License_Eligibility__v for each License record are mapped to a new CRM field, Network_Sample_Eligibile_vod on the Address_vod object. Administrators can incorporate a value at a later time if the value is mapped as Null (Ineligible).

Veeva currently supports the following licenses only from the United States and Canada: State, DEA, CDS. The mapping is hard coded. Mapping of other licenses or license types is not supported.

This feature is enabled by default and does not require configuration.

License Mapping in Network

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The Network State License Mappings include both the Network_Sample_Eligible_vod and the Network_RXA_Eligiblity_vod fields on the Address_vod object to indicate an account’s ability to prescribe products and receive samples. Since sample eligibility and prescriptive authority can be different, depending on local laws, these two fields enable compliance in these markets.

As part of this functionality, the default label for the Network_Sample_Eligible_vod field on the Address_vod object is updated to Network Prescriptive Authority. The Network_Sample_Eligible_vod field represents an account’s ability to prescribe a product and is mapped to the License_Eligiblity__v field on the LICENSE object in Network.

The Network_RXA_Eligiblity_vod field on the Address_vod object has a default label of Network RXA Eligible. This field represents an account’s ability to receive samples and is mapped to the rxa_eligible__v field on the LICENSE object in Network.

For example, a clinic run by Dr. Clinton Ackerman is able to prescribe products but is not allowed to receive samples. The Address_vod record associated with the clinic has a Network_Sample_Eligibility_vod field value of Eligible_vod, meaning he can prescribe products, and a Network_RXA_Eligible_vod field of Ineligible_vod, meaning he cannot receive samples.

Enabling License Mapping

To enable license mapping in CRM:

  1. Grant the Integration user FLS edit and all other users FLS read permission to the Network_RXA_Eligible_vod field on the Address_vod object.
  2. Add references to the Network_RXA_Eligible_vod field on the Address_vod object to all appropriate sample formula fields throughout CRM.

Updating Existing Address Records with Sample Eligibility

After enabling this feature in CRM, administrators must use Network to populate existing Address_vod records with the Network_RXA_Eligibility_vod field. See the Updated State License Mappings for more information.

After performing the process in Network, navigate to the Veeva Process Scheduler in CRM and run the Network Subscription Process.

Enhanced Network License Mapping

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Veeva Network customers can import additional license information into CRM based on information provided by Veeva OpenData. This information can be imported into CRM via Network Bridge or Network Account Search, then used by CRM admins to further customize their company’s sample eligibility formulas to include this new information.

For example, the admin at Verteo BioPharma edits the Sample_Status_vod and License_Valid_To_Sample_vod formula fields on the Account object to ensure HCPs are only eligible to receive a sample if they also have prescriptive authority for controlled substances.


See Additional State License Fields in the Network Online Help for more information on how to configure and use this feature.