Submitting Expenses to SAP Concur as a User

  • Browser
  • iPad

Users can enter expenses associated with an Event and people and have the option of splitting that expense. When splitting an expense, a person can be selected only once. If a person is selected from one Attendee Type list, they display as selected on all lists they are in. People that can be assigned to an expense include the following:

  • Users (Sales Reps)
  • Accounts
  • Contacts
  • Write-in Team Members, Attendees, and Speakers

See Entering Event Team Members into Expenses for more information.

For both split and non-split expenses, expense attributions are made in real-time, allowing for submission to SAP Concur in real-time.

Users also have the option of attaching receipts as images to post to SAP Concur. See Attaching Expense Receipts for Call Reporting with SAP Concur for more information.

The total size of the images attached to the Expense Header as receipt images must not exceed 10MB.

Users can then submit expenses to SAP Concur from the edit and view pages of the Expense via the Submit to SAP Concur button.

Expenses submitted while viewing the edit page are automatically saved. The submission process continues even if the Event is closed before the submission is complete.

Administrators can submit expenses or submissions on behalf of the record owner in SAP Concur. Administrators can also prevent users from submitting expenses by editing the Concur_Status_vod picklist value to Canceled for the desired expense.