Recommended Study and Training

Whether you are new to Veeva CRM or need a refresher, Veeva has the training you need. The following list describes just a sample of the available classes.

    Veeva CRM Administrator Training – Veeva CRM is the original Veeva application, built on the platform. This multi-day course prepares users to implement and perform ongoing CRM administration tasks. Topics covered include managing user access, configuring core Veeva functionality, territory management, data loading, reporting, and environment management. Configuration applies to Veeva CRM offline on iPad and Windows Tablet devices.

    Veeva Administrator Certification – Each Veeva product has its own certification exam. After completing Veeva Administrator Training, users have the opportunity to get certified. Upon passing the certification exam, users earn the title of Veeva Certified Administrator—CRM, Vault, or Network. To learn more about maintaining your certification, visit the Certification Upgrade page.

    Veeva CRM Reports Training – Veeva CRM reports provide insight into key transactional CRM data for your organization. This one-day course prepares Veeva CRM Business Administrators to create and troubleshoot reports and dashboards. Topics covered include reviewing the data model for core Veeva CRM functionality, understanding report types, creating various CRM reports, and displaying reports data in meaningful dashboards.

    Veeva Events Management Administrator Training – Veeva CRM Events Management is the single solution to plan and execute all Events across the enterprise, providing seamless control and total visibility of all speakers, attendees, activities, and spending. This 1.5-day course prepares users to implement and perform ongoing Events administration tasks. Topics covered include understanding the business processes behind Events, managing user access, configuring main functionalities such as Speaker or Attendee management, setting up the dynamic Page Layout Engine and reporting on Event-related activities.

See the Customer Training page on Veeva's website for course agendas and other information about available training.

Salesforce Training

In addition to training classes offered by Veeva, Salesforce offers instructor-led, self-paced web based and custom-tailored training solutions designed to fit every organization’s budget, time, and training requirements. For more information, see Salesforce's training page.

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