Our Philosophy

At Veeva Systems, the philosophy and approach to designing and developing software follows three basic principles:

  • Simplicity – We have followed Salesforce’s metaphors when designing and building our application. This includes minimizing navigation and reducing screen clutter.
  • Ease of Use – We have continued to follow and expand on Salesforce’s philosophy of ease of use. We designed our user interface to be easy to figure out what the “next steps” are without relying on books or training wherever possible. In addition, Veeva Systems is pleased to present the next-generation of CRM application that focus on end-user adoption and ease of use through the utilization of visual intelligence. Our product managers and engineers at Veeva have designed usability controls wherever possible to present large sets of data through simple visual representations. Examples of these visual intelligence usability controls include controls such as the Sphere of Influence, Product Metrics, Office Hours and Mapping features. A picture is worth a thousand words.
  • Performance – We have also designed our application with speed and performance in mind. We optimize and engineer our product to have the fastest response times possible.

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