Setting up a CRM Sandbox Org

These steps are required to support specialized functionality provided within the Veeva CRM application that is not automatically provided as part of the Sandbox creation process.

Configuring a CRM Sandbox Org

To configure the sandbox:

  1. Request a Sandbox organization to create.
  2. Log-in as an Administrator to the Veeva CRM Application.
  3. Select Data Management from the Administration Setup.
  4. Select Sandbox
  5. Click New Sandbox and provide all appropriate information.
  6. Receive confirmation of the Sandbox creation.
  7. Export the values utilizing the DataLoader from the Message_vod object within the Production Veeva CRM org.
  8. Import the data from Step 7, into the newly created Sandbox org from Step 1 utilizing the DataLoader.

The Message_vod records (and VMOCs, Countries, and Views) are not copied over to the Sandbox org. The easiest way to identify this issue is to look at the Best Times control on the Address object layout. It displays “undefined” if the Message_vod data is not properly populated. To rectify this problem, export all the data for all columns from the Veeva Messages object using Reports. Then, using the data loader, load these records into the sandbox.

To access Engage functionality, admins must also link the sandbox org to the Engage Sandbox.