Veeva Custom Settings

To streamline administration, Veeva CRM uses Salesforce Custom Settings, or Veeva Settings.

We only support global and profile level settings. User Level Settings are not supported.

Configuring Veeva Custom Settings

The following is a summary of the instructions for configuring Veeva Settings:

  • Veeva Settings are similar to custom objects and provide the ability to define specific application behavior for an organization or profile. Veeva Settings are currently used by the Veeva CRM application to configure the behavior for Accounts Simple Hierarchy, Call Reporting Samples on Save, and the New Record Type Wizard Affiliation Autocreate.
  • A Veeva setting uses built-in logic that lets you personalize settings for your organization or for specific profiles. The logic checks the organization and profile for the current user and returns the most specific, or lowest, value setting. Settings for an organization are overridden by profile settings.

To view or edit a Veeva Setting:

  1. Navigate to Setup > Custom Code > Custom Settings in Lightning or Setup > Develop > Custom Settings in Salesforce Classic.
  2. Select Veeva Settings.
  3. Select Manage.
  4. Select Edit to make organization level changes for one or more Veeva settings.
  5. Select Save.

When viewing the Veeva Setting detail page, the list of records in the Custom Fields section will display both configuration settings and strings (labels, error messages, etc.). Only configuration settings should be modified using Veeva Settings. Strings referenced by the application will continue to be administered using the Veeva Messages object. See Veeva Messages for more information.

Configuring Profile Specific Veeva Custom Settings

Follow these steps to create profile-specific Veeva settings:

Admins can also use the following steps to configure other profile-specific custom settings, for example, Approved Email Settings or Multichannel Settings.

  1. Navigate to Setup > Custom Code > Custom Settings in Lightning or Setup > Develop > Custom Settings in Salesforce Classic.
  2. Select Veeva Settings.
  3. Select Manage.
  4. Select New to add a new custom setting record.
  5. Ensure the Location type is set to Profile.
  6. Select the Location lookup to select the desired profile.
  7. Set the appropriate values for each Veeva Setting you want to change.
  8. Select Save.

Required Apex Class for Custom Settings

If the Restrict Access to Custom Settings schema setting is enabled, all users require access to the VeevaSettingsService Apex classes in order to access Veeva-delivered custom settings in Salesforce.

Veeva recommends not using Profile Specific Custom Settings Definition to grant custom settings permissions. If Profile Specific Custom Settings are enabled for a profile, ensure the profile has access to all Veeva-delivered custom setting sets.

Veeva Settings and Veeva Messages

When using profile level Veeva Settings, enable the Enhanced Sync setting on the VMOC for the Veeva_Settings_vod__c Veeva Settings. This avoids a Force Full Refresh when users switch between profiles during integrations.

  • For Veeva Messages that contain text requiring a LongTextArea field type, special logic applies (this logic was instituted because of a limitation of the Setting object, which does not support LongTextArea):
  • The Veeva Setting will contain text in the following format: <Veeva Message Name>;;<Veeva Message Category>
  • The setting points to the Veeva Message in the category indicated within the setting’s text
  • The actual value of the configuration is set within the Veeva Message
  • You can still apply profile level settings, but you will need to create separate copies of the Veeva Message that is pointed to by each of the settings
  • Each Veeva setting displays as the original Veeva Message name
  • The active Veeva Message for all configurations automatically migrates to the new Veeva setting; no administrator action is required as any customizations you have made will be applied as the default value
  • The description for an individual setting can be viewed by navigating to Veeva Settings and clicking the setting name in the Custom Fields section
  • Organization level Veeva settings cannot be deleted
  • When creating new custom settings, the Location type picklist has options for both User and Profile. Profile is the only option supported by Veeva CRM at this time.
  • Only one profile can be associated to a Veeva setting.
  • Unlike Veeva Messages, modifications made to Veeva settings will not be overwritten during an upgrade
  • If you want your Veeva setting changes to take effect immediately, we recommend Clearing Veeva Cache, however it is not required for setting changes to applied
  • If you use Profile Specific Settings and Veeva CRM Mobile iPad or Windows Tablet Editions, add the following to the where clause in the VMobile Object Configuration Row for Veeva Messages to ensure only the applicable profile specific settings synchronize: WHERE SetupOwnerId in (@@VOD_SF_PROFILEID@@, @@VOD_MY_ORGID@@)

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For a complete list of Veeva Settings, refer to Appendix A: Custom Settings.