Viewing, Sharing, and Downloading Files Using the Files Tab

  • iPad
  • iPhone

To make it easier to work with Salesforce Files in Lightning enabled orgs, users can view, share, and download files from the Salesforce Library using the Files tab.

For example, Sarah Jones’ manager notifies her that new training materials are available to download and review. From her device, Sarah selects the Files tab, then selects her company's training library to view available files. She selects the new training document to open it and complete the training.

Enabling the Files Tab


  • Lightning is enabled for the org
  • Salesforce Library, Folder, Files, and Library Sharing are configured on the Browser platform

To enable this feature for users:

  1. Ensure the appropriate user profiles have the following administrative permissions check boxes selected:
  2. Add the SyncOffline_vod check box to the ContentVersion object page layout.

  3. Ensure users have access to the following Apex classes:
  4. VeevaFilesOrgConfig
  5. VeevaOrgConfigurationService
  6. Ensure the Active check box is selected for the ContentDocument and ContentDocumentLink VMOCs for the appropriate offline platforms.
  7. Add and activate the following VMOCs for the appropriate offline platforms:
  8. The existing VMOC for ContentVersion must be deactivated to ensure the correct VMOC queries are run.

    Object Name


    Parent Object Name


    WHERE Clause

    Exclude Field List

    Enable Enhanced Sync


    Full Sync







    Child and Parent Row



    WHERE SyncOffline_vod__c = True AND IsLatest = True




    Full Sync



    WHERE ChildRecordId IN (SELECT Id FROM ContentDocument WHERE LatestPublishedVersion.SyncOffline_vod__c = True)




    Full Sync






  9. Remove VersionData from the Exclude Field List field on the ContentVersion VMOC to enable automatic file download. The default is on demand download. This step is optional. See the Downloading Files section for more information.
  10. Update the display order of the offline tabs using the TAB_NAV_DISPLAY Veeva Message. This step is optional.

Using the Files Tab

The Files Tab displays on the docked navigation bar depending on the display order set by the administrator. On the iPad, the Files Tab displays after Documents by default. On the iPhone, the Files Tab displays after Medical Insights by default.

Content creators or administrators must select the SyncOffline_vod check box on the ContentVersion object page layout to allow a file to be downloaded to offline devices and available for users to view. Users can select available libraries to access files and folders within it.

Files and Folders can be displayed as a list or grid.

The Asset Files Library is never displayed as a Library in the Files tab.

Viewing and Downloading Available Files

The following file types are supported:

  • DOC - doc, .docx, .rtf
  • JPEG - .jpeg, .jpg
  • Generic Image - .bmp, .gif, .png, .tiff, .tif, .vsd, .svg
  • PDF - .pdf
  • PPT - .ppt, .pptx, .pps, .ppsx
  • XLS - .xls, .xlsx
  • TEXT - .txt
  • Generic Text - .csv, .text
  • Generic Movie - .mov, .vi, .mpeg, .mpg, .swf, .mp4, .avi
  • Unknown - File with any extension that does not fall into any previous category

Previewing Files

If a file can be previewed, users can open it in the native iOS viewer to see the file content.

Due to an iOS issue, some files might not open in preview.

Sorting Files and Folders

Libraries are sorted by name in ascending order by default. Users can sort files and folders by name, date, file size, and kind (file type).

Searching for Files

Users can search in grid or list view based on the file's title or description, or the name of the folder. Search is performed within the current selection and lower.

Sharing Files

Users can share a file using the iOS viewer Share button.

Downloading Files

If automatic download is not enabled by the admin, on demand download is available. For on demand download, the system can download up to three files at one time and queues remaining files until they can be downloaded. In list view, tap or swipe to download a file. In grid view, press and hold the file, then select Download.

The automatic download limit is 5MB. The on demand download limit is 50MB; files over 50 MB in size cannot be downloaded.

Deleting Files

Users can remove unwanted files that were downloaded on demand to their device to free up storage space. Users can redownload files at any time.

To delete files:

  • In List View, select the file and slide it left, then select the red remove file icon
  • In Grid view, press and hold the file, then select the Remove from Offline option


  • The Files Tab does not support the My Approved Documents folder functionality that is currently available from the Documents Tab
  • If a user uses the same file in the Attachments related list, and starts downloading it, the same file will be available for download via the Files tab and vice versa until it is downloaded