Coaching Reports Overview

Coaching Reports are a type of survey that allow customers to create targeted forms for coaching and mentoring between managers and sales representatives. These reports are completed after a ride along so the manager can offer an evaluation and constructive feedback to the sales representative.

There are two types of Coaching reports:

  • Coaching Reports (Standard) - Users can create a targeted form for coaching and mentoring between managers and sales representatives. The standard Field Coaching Reports functionality can be customized to fit your business needs and use out-of-the box approval flows to ensure the appropriate people can review the report. However, if you need to change a coaching report in the future, the same maintenance procedures apply as with any other object: creating new fields and adjusting page layouts. Typically, only a single coaching report is available for a team at a time.
  • Advanced Coaching Reports - Designers create coaching reports that are data driven and behave like an internal survey. Can be shared with a team, not just an individual. The Advanced Coaching Reports module uses survey functionality making it easy for an admin to add questions to a new coaching report and adjust it going forward without configuration. Multiple coaching forms can be made available at the same time, with visibility driven by profile or supported product. Advanced Coaching Reports can only be initiated by the person who is completing the form for an identified employee. However, as part of coaching form creation, admins can determine whether the employee being coached can add their comments before completing the process.