Coaching Reports (Standard)

  • Browser
  • iPad

Coaching reports enable a customer to create targeted forms for coaching and mentoring between managers and sales reps.

For example, a manager might complete a Coaching report after a ride along is complete to provide an evaluation and to offer constructive feedback.

Coaching report roles:

  • IT Admin - Designs the workflows between managers and sales reps, designs the individual Coaching reports including the questions to be answered, makes the Coaching reports available and is responsible for managing who has permission to create Coaching report records. Can introduce custom functionality such as displaying the last coaching report, displaying sales activity and ranking, and creating follow up tasks based on Coaching report responses.
  • Manager - Views different types of Coaching reports, initiates, views, and completes Coaching reports, interacts with the custom functionality
  • Sales Rep - Has a subset of features that managers have based on configuration. Might have been granted the ability to initiate coaching reports.

Configuring Coaching Reports (Standard)

To configure Coaching reports for all users:

  1. Grant Read permission to the Coaching_Reports_vod object.

  2. Ensure users have at least FLS read permission to at least one of the following fields on the Coaching_Report_vod object:

  • Manager_vod
  • Employee_vod
  • Status
  • Review_Date

Using Coaching Reports (Standard)

Online, Coaching reports are printable using Salesforce’s standard Printable View link on the top right side of the page.

The Coaching Reports tab displays on the iPad Home screen. The Coaching reports list shows all visible records sorted by Report Date in descending order.

When sharing reports between managers and sales representatives, the owner of the record is switched to the employee being reviewed. The owner of the record then has read-only privileges, allowing the employee to view reports that were filled out by his manager, but not edit them.

Managers can edit reports they created because they are above employees in the Role Hierarchy. To ensure that this sharing model functions correctly, maintain an accurate Role Hierarchy and ensure the Grant Access Using Hierarchies check box is selected on the Organization-wide Sharing Defaults for the Coaching Report object.