Reviewing Approved Notes Monitoring Results

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Data in fields defined in active monitoring rules are evaluated during the scheduled Approved Notes Process. An email is sent to recipients, defined by the enabled Salesforce email alert, containing the results of all active monitoring rules.

Monitoring for Duplicate Approved Notes Violations

Monitoring for duplicate Approved Notes violations ensures that text violating a monitoring rule is only flagged once for free-text fields inherited from a parent call on the Call2_vod, Call2_Discussion_vod, and Medical_Discussion_vod objects, for example, product discussions and medical discussions. Duplicate violations are not flagged on related child calls.

If users edit text in these types of fields, the edited fields are re-evaluated for Approved Notes violations.

For example, Sarah Jones records a group call for Dr. Ackerman and four attendees. In the Next Call Notes field on Dr. Ackerman’s call report, Sarah types "Next time, bring a gift card.” This text is automatically inherited by the attendee call records. When Sarah saves the call report, the Approved Notes monitoring rules flag the phrase "gift card" as a violation. The violation is flagged in Reviewer Central only once, on Dr. Ackerman’s call record, even though the text is also copied to each of the four attendees’ child call reports.

When users record product discussions in bulk via the Record Details button on a group call with unique activities enabled, any violations are still flagged individually.