Configuring JD-NET Fixed Reports

Fixed Reports supports sales data from Japan Drug Network (JD-NET).  Two reports are offered, providing both detailed daily as well as summary daily, weekly, and monthly views.

Configuring Fixed Reports for JD-NET Users

To configure Fixed Reports for JD-NET end users:

  1. Grant end user profiles FLS read permission to the Account_Class_vod and Hospital_Type_vod on the Account object.
  2. Add the Account_Class_vod and Hospital_Type_vod fields to the relevant Account object page layouts for the Pharmacy and Hospital record types.
  3. Activate all picklist values for the Hospital_Type_vod field for the Hospital record type on the Account object.
  4. Ensure Veeva Messages are set up for the column headings.
  5. Add the Incremental_vod field to the Data_Map_Template_vod object page layout.
  6. Set up a Fixed Reports admin user. See Configuring a Fixed Reports Admin for more information.
  7. Grant end user profiles OLS Read access to the Sales_Incremental_Transaction_vod object. The Sales_Incremental_Transaction_vod object does not hold the sales data itself, but is used to define the columns and types of fields stored within the Fixed Reports database.
  8. Grant end user profiles Create access to the appropriate record types on the Analytics_Layouts_vod object. Reports display in the Analytics tab. Each record type corresponds to a different report.

    Record Type

    Fixed Reports


    JDNet Detail Report Page


    JDNet Detail Summary Report Page

  9. Ensure the page layout for each record type contains the appropriate S-controls for the user profile. Each user profile can have a separate page layout for each of the Fixed Reports record types. This provides maximum flexibility when configuring Fixed Reports. Admins can can add, remove, or move the S-controls on a page layout. Each S-control represents an individual chart to display on a report.


    Fixed Report



    JD-NET Detail

    S-Control for JD-NET Detail report. To be displayed on Analytics_Layouts_vod object page layouts.


    JD-Net Detail Summary

    S-Control for JD-NET Detail Summary report. To be displayed on Analytics_Layouts_vod object page layouts.

  10. Ensure the page layout assignment correctly maps page layouts to record types.
  11. Load the JD-NET sales data files for the reports. Loading JD-NET Sales Data into Fixed Reports requires a slightly different process due to the high volume nature of the data. Like other sales data loads into Fixed Reports, this process is streamlined into an easy-to-use and intuitive process.

Configuring Report Columns

Admins can customize the fields displayed in the JD-NET Detail and Detail Summary reports using the following Veeva Settings and their corresponding Veeva Messages:

  1. JDNET_DETAIL_COLS - defines the fields displayed on the JDNET Detail report
  2. JDNET_DETAIL_SUMMARY_COLS defines the fields displayed on the JDNET Detail Summary Report

Report columns are delivered with a default set of fields. To customize the report fields, set the Veeva Message text to a comma-delimited list of API field names corresponding to the fields available to the reports. If the message is blank, the report displays the default fields. If the message has a value, the report displays the fields defined in the Veeva message in the order in which they are listed, from left to right. 

If a field exists in the message that does not match a field available to the JD-NET reports, the report ignores the field. Most of these fields are found on the Sales_Incremental_Transaction_vod object, but some are fields on other objects, for example Account, which are related to fields on the Sales_Incremental_Transaction_vod object. 

The following tables list fields available to the reports. While fields can be placed on either report, not all fields will make sense on the Detail Summary report.

Object Fields
  • Hospital_Id_vod__c.Account.Hospital_Type_vod
  • Hospital_Id_vod__c.Account.Account_Class_vod
  • Hospital_Id_vod__c.Account.Name
  • Pharmacy_Id_vod__c.Account.Account_Class_vod
  • Pharmacy_Id_vod__c.Account.Name
  • Distributor_Id_vod__c.Account.Name
  • Distributor_Branch_Id_vod__c.Account.Name
  • Product_Group_vod__c.Analytics_Product_Group_vod__c.Market_vod
  • Product_Group_vod__c.Analytics_Product_Group_vod__c.Parent_Product_Group_vod
  • Product_Group_vod__c.Analytics_Product_Group_vod__c.Name
  • Delivery_Price_vod
  • Distributor_Branch_Id_vod
  • Distributor_Comment_vod
  • Distributor_Id_vod
  • External_ID_vod
  • Hospital_Id_vod
  • Issue_Date_vod
  • Metric_1_vod
  • Metric_2_vod
  • Metric_3_vod
  • Pharmacy_Id_vod
  • Product_Group_vod
  • Receipt_Comment_vod
  • Sales_Date_vod
  • Sales_Quantity_vod
  • Settlement_Price_vod
  • Slip_Number_vod
  • Slip_Type_vod