Using the Digital Sign-in Sheet

  • iPad

The sign in process for Events Management enables event organizers to digitally capture attendee information as they arrive to an event and sign in. Additionally, event organizers can use the Summary modal to view which attendees have signed into the events, which attendees have opted into a meal, and which attendees are walk-in attendees.

Walk-in Attendees, attendees who were not originally invited to the event, can also use the sign-in sheet to capture information that is later used during the reconciliation process.


To configure this feature for end users, add the Signature_Datetime_vod field to the Attendees related list on the appropriate EM_Event_vod object page layouts.

Only the first three configured columns of the Attendees related list display, along with a signature link for each attendee.

Launching the Sign-in Sheet

End users can launch the sign-in sheet for an event:

  1. Navigate to the event in Veeva CRM.
  2. Select the More Actions button.
  3. Select Sign In Sheet.
  4. Enter the appropriate Event Display Name. This step is optional.
  5. Select the appropriate Brand Logo, if multiple are available. This step is optional.

    Welcome image files must begin with Event-Sign-In. See Documents and Attachments for more information about Welcome images.

  6. Select Launch Sign In.

Signing In as an Attendee

Attendees sign into the event by selecting Sign In and searching for their name. If invited, their name displays in the list of Attendees and can be selected for sign-in.

If the Meal_Opt_in_vod field is added to the appropriate Event_Attendee_vod page layout, the Meal Opt-in page displays.

After selecting the meal options, attendees complete the sign-in process by signing on the Signature page and selecting Agree.

Signing In as a Walk-in Attendee

If the attendee was not invited to the event and Walk-in Attendees are enabled, they can sign in as a walk-in attendee by selecting the Register button at the bottom of the list of search results.

The attendee enters the required information as defined by the Walk_In_Fields_vod field on the EM_Event_Rule_vod record associated with the event’s configuration.

The walk-in attendee completes the same Meal and Signature process as an invited attendee.

Displaying the Summary

Event organizers can review event sign-in information from the Summary modal on the sign-in sheet:

  1. Select the More Actions button.
  2. Select View Summary.
  3. Enter the appropriate password.

The Sign In Summary modal displays the following information:

  • Number of total signed in, invited, and walk-in attendees
  • Number of invited attendees not signed in
  • A list of checked in, walk-in, and missing attendees and their meal statuses
  • The total number of meals requested by the attendees

Selecting the account card of an invited attendee that has not yet signed in immediately begins the sign-in process for the selected account.

Refreshing the Sign-in Sheet

If multiple devices are used to sign in attendees for an event, users can refresh the sign-in sheet from one device to obtain sign-in information from all devices used.

To refresh the sign-in sheet, pull down from one of the following sign-in sheet pages:

  • Welcome screen
  • Search screen
  • Any column on the summary screen

Refreshing the sign-in sheet requires an internet connection.

Exiting the Sign-in Sheet

Users can exit the sign-in sheet by selecting Exit Sign In from the More Actions menu. When the user selects this option, they must enter their password in order to return to the EM_Event_vod record.

Using OAuth to Exit the Sign-in Sheet

OAuth users can exit the sign-in sheet by selecting Exit Sign In in the More Actions menu, then selecting the Lock icon.

Using Country-Specific Disclaimers in the Sign-in Sheet

Admins can additionally configure Country-Specific Sign-In Sheet Disclaimers to enable sign-in support in other languages.