Event Attendee Restricted Product Rules

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Attendee Restricted Product rules improve compliance when planning events by warning event organizers about attendees who have a product designated as restricted for that account. These attendees cannot be added to that event.

For example, Sarah Jones plans an event about Cholecap. She attempts to add Dr. Clinton Ackerman as an attendee to her event, but Dr. Ackerman’s account has Cholecap listed as a restricted product. When Sarah attempts to submit her event for approval, a warning displays that Dr. Ackerman cannot be an attendee of this event. Sarah removes Dr. Ackerman from the event, then successfully submits her event.



To configure this feature, grant admins and end users access to the EM_Attendee_Product_Restriction_Rule_vod record type on the EM_Business_Rule_vod object.

Creating Attendee Restricted Product Rules

To create Restricted Product Rules:

  1. Navigate to the Event Business Rules tab.
  2. Create an Event Rule with a record type of EM_Attendee_Product_Restriction_Rule_vod.
  3. Select Next.
  4. Populate the following fields:

    • Name
    • Attendee_Account_Type_vod – Restricts the rule to only match the specified account type based on the Attendee_Account_Type_vod formula field on the EM_Attendee_vod object. If left empty, the rule applies to all attendees whose Attendee_Account_Type_vod field is not null. Uses the following format:

      ;;Attendee Account Type 1;;Attendee Account Type 2;;

      This field uses the API Names for the entered event statuses and attendee statuses. For example, ;;Professional_vod;;Prescriber_vod;;

    • Attendee_Status_vod – Uses the following format to define which attendee status and event status combinations the rule should apply to:

      ;;Event Status 1:Attendee Status 1,Attendee Status 2;;Event Status 2:Attendee Status 1;;

      This field uses the API Names for the entered event statuses and attendee statuses. For example, ;;Approved_vod:Invited_vod,Accepted_vod;;Closed_vod:Attended_vod;;

    • Global_Rule_vod – Applies the rule to all countries, regardless of any countries associated via Event Business Rule Configuration records. This field cannot be edited after the record is created.
    • Warning_Type_vod – Select either Hard Warning or Soft Warning. See Warning Text and Tokens for more information.
    • Warning_Text_vod – Displays the Veeva Message that displays if this rule is violated. See Warning Text and Tokens for more information.
    • Comment_Required_vod – Only displays if the Warning Type is Soft Warning. Select one of the following options:
    • Required – Organizers must leave a comment when dismissing a soft warning
    • Optional – Organizers may leave a comment when dismissing a soft warning
    • Hidden – The comment box does not display
    • Run_Rule_Event_Action_vod – Enter the appropriate button name to run the rule whenever the event organizer selects the button. Enter only one button name and do not use any of the following buttons:
    • Attendee_Reconciliation_vod
    • Cancel_Event_vod
    • Generate_Invitations_vod
    • Generate_Sign_In_vod
    • Manage_Attendees_vod
    • Manage_Attendees_Hub_vod
    • Preview_Event_QR_Code_vod
    • Record_a_Call_vod
    • Reschedule_vod
    • Schedule_Engage_vod
    • Send_Email_vod
    • Start_Webinar_vod
    • Submit_to_Cvent_vod
    • View_Signatures_vod
  5. Select Save.

Creating Attendee Restricted Product Rules Configurations

After the event rule is created, admins must create an associated EM_Business_Rule_Configuration_vod record to determine which event type, country, and timespan the rule should apply to.

To associate event rules to EM_Business_Rule_Configuration_vod records, create a EM_Business_Rule_Configuration_vod record from the Business Rule Configurations related list of the appropriate business rule with the following field values:

  • Event_Business_Rule_vod – Automatically populates with the appropriate event rule
  • Event_Type_vod – Enter the appropriate EM_Event_vod record type the event rule applies to
  • Country_vod – Use the lookup to select the appropriate Country_vod record. This field does not display if the Global_Rule_vod check box was selected.
  • Rule_Start_Date_vod – Defines the start of the active period of the rule
  • Rule_End_Date_vod – Defines the end of the active period of the rule

Only one business rule configuration can be active for each combination of Event_Type_vod, Event_Business_Rule_vod, and Country_vod.