Executing a Survey

  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • Browser

After a survey is published, it is available to end users. When end users execute a survey for an account, they are completing and submitting a Survey Target record.

Users can find their Survey Target records on the Survey Targets tab, or on an Account related list. Selecting a record displays the Survey Target Execution page. This page displays Survey Target record details as well as a list of the Survey Questions. Users can answer these questions and save or submit the records.

Once a Survey Target record is submitted, it can no longer be edited. If a record is saved, a user can continue it later. During save, Question Response records are created for all questions on the survey, even if not answered. When a saved Survey Target record loads, the questions load from these Question Response records. This prevents edits directly to the survey from affecting in-progress or submitted Survey Target records.

Users with edit permission to the Lock_vod field on the Survey Target Object also have permission to the Unlock button on records with a Submitted status. Unlocking the Survey Target record allows users to change response records and fields.

This permission should not be given to end users.

Lock-override capability for named users applies to Survey Targets. Users with lock-override capabilities can edit or delete locked records without unlocking the Survey Target records. Users with override capabilities are defined in the CALL_ARCHIVE_USER Veeva Setting.

One-time surveys can only be completed once per account per user. Recurring surveys display an “Update Responses” button when viewing a submitted Survey Target. Selecting this button creates a new Survey Target record. Previous Question Response values are pulled into the new Survey Target record unless the Survey Questions were modified for the survey.

When an end user saves or submits a survey, it syncs with the normal sync process. Surveys sync down to mobile devices if the end date of the survey is in the future and the Survey status is Published. Only Survey Targets assigned to the owner sync to the device.

Surveys can also be executed from a Call Report. See Viewing Survey Targets on the Call Report for more information.