Event Start and End Times in Events Management and Medical Events

  • iPad
  • Browser

Medical_Event_vod records can display Start and End times in several calendar views including:

  • Agenda view
  • Week View
  • Month view (Online)
  • Timeline
  • Multichannel Calendar

This allows users to quickly see the time frame for events in My Schedule and Events Management.


To enable this feature:

  1. Grant users FLS edit for the following fields on the Medical_Event_vod object:
  • Start_time_vod
  • End_time_vod
  1. Add the above fields to the Medical Event page layout.
  2. Remove the old start and end times fields from the page layout:
  • Start_date_vod
  • End_date_vod

Start_time_vod and End_time_vod always take precedence over Start_date_vod and End_date_vod.

For events that span multiple days, the event displays at the top of the calendar similar to Google calendars.

If using the SAP Concur integration and implementing this feature, navigate to the Medical Event to Expense Entry section on the SAP Concur Admin page and add a custom mapping between the TransactionDate SAP Concur field and the Start_Time_vod field on the Medical_Event_vod object.