Offline Mass Add Mode

  • iPad

To improve the efficiency of the Inventory Monitoring process, users can capture Inventory Monitoring in mass add mode, similar to Order Management. The following features are supported offline:

  • Single Line Entry Mode/Mass Add Disabled – allows reps to use the product selector to individually add products to the IM lines one product at a time or by selecting multiple products and selecting the Select All button
  • Mass Add and Save Valid Lines Only – all IM products are automatically added to the IM Lines. Only the lines the user enters data for are saved to ensure the final IM record includes only products the user entered information for
  • Save Valid Lines Only – only the IM lines the user has input for are saved in the IM record
  • Single Line Entry/Save All Lines – enables the user to add products to IM Lines using the Product Selector. When the record is saved, all lines are saved including those that are blank.

Configuring Offline Mass Add Mode

If the IM_TOUCH_ENTRY_MODE_vod Veeva Setting is set to 1 or 3, and the zvod_Photo_Tag_vod field is on the page layout, mass entry mode is ignored.

To enable this feature, enable the IM_TOUCH_ENTRY_MODE_vod Veeva Setting by entering one of the following values:

  • 0 = no change, default behavior (single line entry mode)
  • 1 = enables Mass Add Lines
  • 2 = enables Saving of Valid Lines Only
  • 3 = enables Mass Add Lines And Saving of Valid Lines only

Using Offline Mass Add Mode

If a product bound contract is selected, the system respects the contract and only displays products defined within the contract. Users are not able to add other products to the IM lines that are not in the contract.

If an Account has a default product bound listing contract, the IM Lines are automatically pre-populated with only the products defined in the contract even if Mass Add is enabled. If the default contract is not product bound, all available products are added to the Mass-Added lines.