Capturing and Displaying Signatures on Contract Partner Records

Some markets require the sales rep’s signature to be present on the Contract signature page in addition to the Account signature. Customers now have the ability to include the user’s signature and display that signature on the Contract Partner Signature page. Users can also edit their own signature.

The columns in the Contract Lines section of the Contract Partner Signature page, shown below, display based on the Contract Lines page layout.

To enable signature capture:

  1. Ensure the Contracts functionality is configured.
  2. Grant CREATE, READ, UPDATE, DELETE (CRUD) permissions to the User_Detail_vod object for the appropriate user profile.
  3. Grant READ/WRITE edit to the User_Signature_vod field on the User_Detail_vod object.
  4. Grant READ/WRITE to the User_Signature_vod field on the Contract_Partner_vod object.
  5. Grant READ/WRITE to the User_vod field on the User_Detail_vod object.
  6. Add the User_Signature_vod field on the Contract Partner page layout.

Administrators can view the Contract Partner Signatures online:

  1. Enable VisualForce page access to the View Signatures page for the appropriate user profiles.
  2. Ensure the user has READ/WRITE to the Contract Partner fields they need to view on the View Signatures page.

To define fields that should be hidden on the Contract Partner Signature Page, use the OM_Print_Blocked_Fields_vod Veeva Setting.

To change the image in the signature screen, select options, select documents and select the images folder. From there, upload an image titled order_logo.png and enter Offline into the keyword field.

Capturing Signatures on Contract Partner Records is available on iPad and Windows platforms.

Displaying Signatures on Contract Partner Records is available on the iPad platform.

Capturing Contract Partner Signatures from Call Objectives on the Call Report

Users are able to navigate to a Contract Partner record from a Call Objective on a Call Report to capture a signature.

To enable capturing signatures from a Call Objective on the Call report:

  1. Grant the user permission to the Call_Objective_vod and Contract_Partner_vod objects.
  2. Grant access to the Contract Partner record type.
  3. Provide READ/WRITE to the Contract_Partner_vod field on the Call_Objective_vod object.
  4. Add the Call Objectives Related List to the Account detail page.
  5. Place the View Signatures button the Contract Partner related list.

The Contract Partner Lookup field on the Call_Objective_vod object provides an association between the Call Objective and an existing Contract Partner record that allows the user to access the associated record from the Call Report. When selecting the Contract Partner Call Objective from the Call Report, the Contract Partner record opens, and depending on permissions, the user can edit, sign, attach photos or delete the record.

Users can cancel and return to the Call Report without completing the Call Objective.

The Contract Partner Call Objectives feature is available on the iPad platform. Creating the Call Objective is available on the Online platform.