Contract Templates

  • Browser
  • iPad

Creating contract templates is available on the Browser platform. Offline contract negotiation using a contract template is available on the iPad platform.

Contract Templates extend the contract negotiation process to offline platforms, allowing sales reps to negotiate Sales, Listing, or custom Contract types offline. This allows admins to define templates with a range of pre-defined terms users can select from during the negotiation process.

Contract Templates can be generic or account-specific. Generic templates are available for all accounts but an account-specific template is only visible for the specific account it is defined for.

Template account association is similar to Contract Partners.

If users do not have access to a product in My Setup they can still view the product online when it is listed in a Contract Template line.

Configuring Contract Templates

To enable this feature:

  1. Grant the following permissions for each profile that requires access:
    ObjectOLSRecord TypesFieldsFLS




    All record types users are responsible for creating


    • Agreement_vod
    • Status_vod
    • Account_Specific_Template_vod
    • Template_vod



    All record types users are responsible for creating





    Users must have FLS read permission to the Agreement_vod field to enable offline contract negotiation. Failure to grant FLS to this and any other new contract negotiation-related fields is a misconfiguration.

  1. Ensure users have FLS edit permission to the fields in the Contract Lines Related List on the appropriate Contract_vod object page layout to ensure downloading data offline.
  2. Add the New_Contract_vod button to the Account object page layout.
  3. To prevent users from modifying the Mandatory_Contract_Line_vod field, it should be read-only on the Account object page layout.

    The Account_Specific_Template_vod and Agreement_vod fields should not be placed on page layouts.

  4. Ensure users have access to the Contract_Edit_vod Visualforce page.

Using Contract Templates

Once the user begins the contract negotiation process from a template, a new Contract record is created: the Contract Agreement. An Agreement record includes a sub-set of terms a user selected from an existing template for the specific Account they are negotiating with. The user can preview the entire Contract on one page and capture a signature. Once the signature is captured, the Agreement record can be reviewed, activated, or rejected.

When a user wants to capture a signature on a Contract, a Contract Preview screen displays on one page with the Contract header, lines, disclaimer, and Contract Partner attachments, as well as signatures.

Only activated and locked templates are visible offline to the end users to ensure templates are still in progress and are not available for end users during actual negotiation with their accounts.

Any Contract record type can be flagged as a template. Users are able to view a list of available templates for an Account, select the template they wish to begin with, and create an Agreement for that Account based on the template. Users can also add contract lines to a template.

Original attachments to an Agreement do not get copied when creating an Agreement from a template. When syncing to offline platforms:

  1. Use a naming convention to define your templates. All templates must begin with that name, for example, Contract_Template.
  2. Ensure all Contract Template attachments begin with that same naming convention.
  3. Create or update the Attachment VMOC where clause to sync all attachments and the content for the attachments that meet the naming convention. This is similar to the where clause for Signature Graphics.


Users can re-negotiate rejected agreements. If the agreement's status is Rejected or Saved, users can capture or re-capture a signature on the associated Contract Partner record. If the Contract object's Agreement_vod field is enabled and the Status_vod field is set to Rejected or Saved and the Contract Partner record Status is not set to Activated, the user can recapture a signature.

If a user selects the Sign button when a previously captured signature exists in the Signature_vod field, the existing signature will be cleared without displaying. If a user selects the Cancel button, the existing signature is retained.

Negotiable vs Non-negotiable Templates

If a Product Bound Contract is flagged as a template, it is considered a non-negotiable template. When an Agreement is created from a bound template, it is non-negotiable and the terms/Contract Lines cannot be modified by the user. If the Contract template is not Product Bound, Agreements created from it are negotiable and the fields can be edited, provided the user has READ/WRITE to those fields.

Rejecting Contract Agreements

To reject a Contract or Contract Partner, users must manually select Rejected from the Contract Partner Status field. Users must also manually complete any associated business processes, such as clearing the signature on the rejected Contract Partner record.


  • Templates do not directly display in Order Management or Inventory Monitoring because they are not actual Contracts; Agreements generated from templates can be converted into Sales or Listing Contracts to be used during OM/IM capture.

Capturing Signatures on Agreement Contract Partners

Users can capture a signature on an Agreement Contract Partner record when the following conditions are met:

  • User has edit permission on the Contract_Partner_vod object
  • User has FLS edit permission to the Lock_vod field on the Contract_Partner_vod object
  • User has FLS edit permission to the Status_vod field on the Contract_Partner_vod object
  • User has FLS edit permission to the Signature_DateTime_vod field on the Contract_Partner_vod object
  • User has FLS edit permission to the User_Signature_vod field on the Contract_Partner_vod object
  • User has FLS edit permission to the User_Signature_vod field on the User_Detail_vod object
  • Contract Partner Status field is set to "Activated"
  • Contract Status field is set to "Activated" or "Rejected"
  • Signature_DateTime_vod field exists on the page layout
  • If an Agreement Contract Partner record is populated with a signature and the record is not set to Activated, users can re-capture the signature. If the record is set to Activated, the previous signature is erased and replaced with the new signature. The previous signature would not be visible to the user. If the user selects Cancel from the Signature Capture screen without capturing a new signature, the previous signature is kept.

    The Delete button displays only if the record is unlocked and the user has permission to delete records.

    Mandatory Contract Lines

    Administrators can set mandatory Contract Lines to ensure they are always included in Agreements during the Contract negotiation process. For example, a customer might propose a Contract that requires a certain number of a particular product to be ordered for a given year in order to receive a discount or rebate. Users who negotiate Contracts cannot remove the contract lines from the agreement during the negotiation process.


    To enable this feature:

    1. Ensure end users have FLS edit permission to all fields used in Contract negotiation.
    2. Ensure end users have access to the Products used in the agreements in My Setup.
    3. Grant all users FLS edit permission to the Mandatory_Contract_Line_vod field on the Contract Line object.
    4. Grant the admin user CRUD on the following objects:
    • Contract
    • Contract Line
    • Contract Partner
    1. Grant the user Read permissions on the following objects:
    • Contract
    • Contract Line
    • Contract Partner
    1. Add the Mandatory_Contract_Line_vod field to the Contract Line page layouts.
    2. Add the Mandatory_Contract_Line_vod field to the Contract Line related list on the Contract page layout to expose the Mandatory_Contract_Line_vod indicator online. This allows users to view mandatory Contract Lines.
    3. Ensure the Contracts and Contract Negotiation functionality is fully configured.

    To create a Contract Template with mandatory lines:

    1. Select the Contracts tab.
    2. Select New.
    3. Select a Record Type.
    4. Select Continue.
    5. Complete the required fields on the Contract Header.
    6. Select the Template check box.
    7. Select Save.
    8. Select New Contract Line in the Contract Lines section.
    9. Complete the required fields.
    10. Select the Mandatory Contract Line check box.
    11. Select Save.
    12. Activate the Contract Template.


    When a user selects a Contract Template to create a Contract, mandatory lines added by the admin are automatically added to the Contract. These are indicated with a vertical red line next to the field.

    This feature is available on the Online and iPad platforms.