Displaying Cycle Plan Products on the Call Report

  • Browser
  • iPad

Admins can enable the display of Cycle Plan Products on the call report to guide reps on what products to discuss with the HCP during a call.

For example, Sarah Jones has an upcoming call with Dr. Clinton Ackerman. She selects the call in My Schedule, and the detail section displays the products she needs to discuss during the call, as defined in her cycle plan.


  • Cycle Plans are enabled
  • The current and active cycle plan has detail records for the products that display in My Setup for the user

Configuring Cycle Plan Detailing Priority

Ensure initial configuration is complete before enabling this functionality.

To configure the Cycle Plan page layout to display detailing priority:

  1. Ensure users and admins have read access to the following fields on the Cycle_Plan_Detail_vod object:

    • Priority_vod
    • Actual_Detail_vod
    • Planned_Details_vod
  2. Select the appropriate page layout on the Call2_vod object.

  3. Edit the zvod_Detailing_vod field section header to include the --htp section signal. For example, Product Details --htp.

  4. Select Save.
  5. Navigate to the Cycle Plan Detail page layout on the Cycle Plan Detail object.
  6. Create a new section titled Cycle_Plan_Detail_vod.
  7. Drag and drop the following fields in the new section (and any other metric type fields):
    • Priority_vod
    • Actual_Detail_vod
    • Planned_Details_vod

    When viewing Cycle Plans, each product displays a Priority column and any other metric type fields added to the Cycle_Plan_Detail_vod.

  8. Click Save.
  9. Clear the Veeva cache.

Viewing Product Priority from Cycle Plans

Users view product priority via the detail screen on My Schedule by right-clicking on a call or Call Cycle Entry. On the call report, the product details display in the order in which the user selects them. The user may also reorder the details using arrow buttons (Browser ) or drag and drop (offline platforms).

If a user sets priorities on Cycle Plan detail records, only the products with priority are highlighted. If the user does not set priorities, any products with a corresponding Cycle Plan detail record and where Planned_Details_vod is greater than zero are highlighted. Priorities specified for a Cycle Plan target do not need to be in sequential order.

Users can add additional Cycle Plan products as discussion priorities by selecting the Add Other link (New Record button on iPad) at the bottom of the Details section of the call report. The user can then search for a product that is also represented as a cycle plan detail in the current and active cycle plan. The product displays as highlighted in the detail selector.