Suggestions Preferences

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Preferences is a configurable item that displays in various parts of the application. Each Preference block represents a record type in the Stakeholder_Preference_vod object. The rows in the block correspond to the records of that record type. 

The value of the Title_vod field displays in each cell. The Value_vod field is represented by a series of five rectangles. The shading of the rectangles illustrates the numerical values (0-5) of the field.

Preferences are associated at the Account level. When configured, they display from the Home page when a user views the details of a Suggestion. They also display alongside a Suggestion or Insight from the Account Profile Panels page.

Preferences can be configured to display as their own panel in the Account Profile Panels page, independent of Suggestions. This is done by placing the zvod_Stakeholder_Preference_vod field on the page layout from the Account_Overview_Layout_vod object.

Ensure the Accounts and Suggestions initial configurations are complete to use this functionality.