Associating a Driver with a Suggestion

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A Driver is a tag that indicates the reason for the Suggestion. For example, a change in the HCP's prescribing habits, a market share change, or too long since last contact.

Multiple drivers can be associated to a Suggestion.

The driver reference displays on the Suggestion. They also display on the Home page view as sub-categories in each of the channel action types so that a user can quickly determine how many suggestions for each driver are presented.

The Email_Fragment_vod record type on the Suggestion_Tag_vod object populates the list of fragments in the email template. This record type does not create product or driver tag records.

Configuring Drivers for Suggestions

Ensure the Accounts and Suggestions initial configurations are complete to use this functionality.

To configure this feature, populate the Driver_vod field on the Suggestion_Tag_vod object with the the Driver_vod record type.