Redirecting the New Account Button to Global Account Search

  • Browser (Lightning)

Admins can configure Global Account Search to override the New Account button in My Accounts, forcing the user to search for an account outside of their territory before they can create a new account. This reduces the chance that users accidentally create duplicate accounts.

For example, Sarah Jones searches for Clinton Ackerman in her org. When she cannot find his account, Sarah selects New Account in order to create an account for Dr. Ackerman. Instead, Global Account Search displays and Sarah is prompted to first search for Dr. Ackerman outside of her territory. She sees that an account already exists for Dr. Ackerman, so instead of creating a new account, Sarah adds the existing account to her territory.


Configuring the New Account Button Redirect

To configure this feature, populate the My_Accounts_Redirect_vod Global Account Search check box setting.