Decoupled Unverified Records

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Users can create and immediately use decoupled unverified accounts, addresses, and child account records to log a call, or use decoupled unverified new records for an existing account.

For example, Sarah Jones wants to submit a call for Dr. Ackerman, but one of the attendees, Dr. Bob Adams, is not an existing account at Verteo Biopharma. After searching for Bob Adams, she selects the New Account button and enters all the required data for the New Account wizard, which immediately adds the decoupled unverified account and allows Sarah to add Dr. Adams as an attendee on the call.


  • When CRM Managed Acct Types is configured, Veeva CRM does not create a DCR for the Account record type specified in the CRM Managed Acct Types setting, but the account is still created and available for immediate use
  • Third Party Account record types are not supported. All other record types are supported, including custom record types.
  • A Veeva Network license is not required

Configuring Decoupled Unverified Records

To enable this feature:

  1. Grant users the following permissions: 

    Object OLS Record Type Fields FLS



    • Account_vod
    • Address_vod
    • Child_Account_vod









    Admin: C

    End Users: R




  2. For DCR users, remove Create access from the following objects:
    • Account
    • Address_vod
    • Child_Account_vod

    Do not remove Create access to these objects if the user is also configured to use CRM Managed Account Types.

  3. Grant end users Edit permission to the Customer Master Status field on the Account, Address, and Child Account objects.

    Unverified records are created with a Customer Master Status of Under review.

  4. Populate the Data Change Request Mode Veeva Setting with a value of 2 to allow creation of DCRs.
  5. Populate the Network Customer Master Mode Network Setting with a value of 0 to prevent user DCRs from being sent to the Veeva Network.
  6. Enable the VODDatabaseApi Apex Class for end users.
  7. Add the New/Edit DCR Address button to the appropriate Address page layouts.
  8. Add the New/Edit DCR Child Account button to the appropriate Child_Account_vod page layouts.

Using Decoupled Unverified Records

When users in offline mode search for an account and do not find the account in the results, they can select the New Account button and use the New Account wizard to enter account details. Users can also enter a new address from the Addresses section of the Account Detail screen. Veeva CRM creates a Data Change Request. The new decoupled unverified account or address record is immediately available for use in calls.

This feature is available from the following entry points:

  • New Account wizard
  • New Account from Global Account Search
  • New Child or New Parent button from the Members list on the Account Detail page
  • New Address from the Account detail page