Decoupled DCR Support for the GAS New Account Button

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  • iPad

CRM customers can use Decoupled Data Change Request functionality when creating a new account from the Global Account Search results. If the user’s organization is configured for Decoupled DCRs, the New Account Button displays even if the user does not have OLS on the Account object, and launches a version of the New Account Wizard that creates a DCR for the account.

For example, Sarah Jones searches for Dr. Clinton Ackerman and finds he is not an existing account at Verteo BioPharma. She wants to create an account and a DCR for Dr. Ackerman. She selects the New Account button on the GAS results screen and enters all the required data for the New Account wizard, which creates a DCR for the new account.

Configuring Decoupled DCR Support for the GAS New Account Button

To use this feature, ensure Decoupled Data Change Requests are configured.