Multichannel Cycle Plans Users and Roles

Multichannel Cycle Plans has four types of users:

  • Admins – create Multichannel Cycle Plans
  • administer MCCP setup
  • typically not the same User Account as the MCCP Integration User Account
  • Integration user – the user login entered on the MCCP Admin page and used by the Veeva Multichannel engine
  • Typically not a Veeva CRM user who logs in and out of the CRM system
  • End users – use Multichannel Cycle Plans as a reference for
  • their strategic work plan
  • who their targeted accounts are
  • a reminder of goals for those targeted accounts
  • Managers – use Multichannel Cycle Plans as a marker of an end user’s progress toward their goals
  • give feedback, guidance, and coaching to the end user based on their classic cycle plan progress