Working with MCCP Status Fields

MCCP admins do not need to set the Status for all Cycle Plans; they only need to change the Status of the Cycle itself. Once the Cycle Status changes, the next time the Veeva Process Scheduler runs, it updates the Cycle Plan Status with the Cycle Status.

For example, Sarah Jones’s admin creates an MCCP for the next quarter, adds the appropriate dates, and sets the MCCP to Planned. When the Veeva Process Scheduler runs on the start date, the MCCP becomes active, the Status is automatically set to Active and the MCCP displays for Sarah.

Ensure initial configuration is complete to use this functionality.

There are two status fields in MCCP—one on the MC_Cycle_vod object and one on the MC_Cycle_Plan_vod object—with three Status values:

  • Planned - indicates the Plan is not ready to be calculated yet
  • In Progress - indicates the Plan is ready to be calculated (activities are not queried and calculated until the Start Date has been reached)
  • Completed - indicates the Plan is no longer active and queries and calculations are no longer processed

The following are important to note about status values:

  • Cycle Status = Planned
  • No calculations occur
  • Cycle Status = In Progress
  • You can leave a Cycle open for up to 30 days after the End Date has passed. This provides MCCP users time to submit any remaining activities.
  • 30 days past the End Date if the Cycle Status still equals In Progress, the system calculates the related MCCPs and set the Cycle and Cycle Plan Status values = Completed
  • Cycle Status = Completed
  • If MCCP = In Progress, calculations occur one last time and all MCCP's Status are set to Completed
  • If MCCP = Completed, no calculations occur