Locking Multichannel Cycle Plans

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Multichannel Cycle Plans can be locked to applicable users at any time by enabling the Locked_vod field on the MC_Cycle_Plan_vod object. The ability to lock an MCCP is not dependent on the Status of the Cycle or Cycle Plan; it can be locked at any time. A locked MCCP prevents edits to the following objects:

  • MC_Cycle_Plan_vod
  • MC_Cycle_Plan_Target_vod
  • MC_Cycle_Plan_Channel_vod
  • MC_Cycle_Plan_Product_vod

Ensure initial configuration is complete to use this functionality.

For example, Sarah Jones is allowed to edit MCCPs, but her admin wants to ensure a certain set of products remain in the plan. Her admin locks the MCCP, and Sarah cannot edit the associated products.

Profiles that have Modify All ($Profile.PermissionsModifyAllData = True) are always able to edit locked Plans. There is a mechanism for providing certain users the ability to override this lock functionality by enabling the MCCP_Admin_vod field on the User object. This is helpful for users who may not be aligned to the Sys Admin profile. For example, the MCCP Integration user does not need to be aligned to a Sys Admin Profile as long as the MCCP_Admin_vod field on the User object is enabled.

The following is a setup example:

MCCP User User.MCCP_Admin_vod Comments
MCCP Integration User Enabled Required
MCCP Admin Enabled True
MCCP End User Cleared False
MCCP Manager Cleared False
System Administrator n/a Profiles with Modify All can edit locked Plans