Setting MCCP Goals for a Detail Group

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MCCP goals can be set at the detail group level. Detail group level goals give admins the flexibility to manage specific products or topics under a group to detail a targeted account. This is useful for detail groups containing large numbers of detail products or detail topics.

For example, Sarah Jones’ Allergy detail group contains twenty hypoallergenic products. To give Sarah discretion as to which specific product she details with each HCP, her supervisor sets her goal for the detail group and not for a specific product.

Ensure initial configuration is complete to use this functionality.

Using MCCP Goals for a Detail Group

For each Detail Group that needs a goal, create an MC_Cycle_Product_vod record with the Detail_Group_vod field populated and leave the Product_vod field blank for the applicable MC_Cycle_Channel_vod object.

Create MC_Cycle_Plan_Product_vod records for the MC_Cycle_Product_vod object to set the Detail Group individual, team, or both individual and team goal for a Plan, Target, or Channel.

The MC_Cycle_Product_vod record must be populated with at least a Detail_Group_vod or Product_vod.

Once detail group goals are created, they display when a user views the call widget, edits their goals, filters on the My Schedule screen, or filters on the Targets tab. As a user creates activities against products that are part of the Detail Group, those activities are counted toward the detail group goal.

To filter on a Detail Group goal, select the Any Product option from the Product drop-down field on the Targets tab. This displays all goals associated to the Detail Group.