Displaying the Last Activity Date for Each Channel and Product

  • iPad

When users work through a Multichannel Cycle Plan, several metrics display to show progress toward the various goals set in the plan. Users must complete activities, for example, visiting a doctor, to meet those goals. To assist users in deciding when to begin the next activity, the Last Activity Date now displays alongside the goal attainment percentage and status of their progression toward a goal.

For example, Sarah Jones’ yearly Call goal for Clinton Ackerman is 8. Today is 5/17/17, and the Actual Activity value is 2, meaning she has visited Dr. Ackerman twice. The goal’s attainment percentage is 25, and the status is on time. Looking at the last activity date of 2/1/17, Sarah decides it is time to plan the next activity to stay on track with her goal.

Ensure initial configuration is complete to use this functionality.

Using the Last Activity Date for Each Channel and Product

The Last Activity Date is calculated by the integration user as part of the Multichannel Cycle Plan calculation process.

When viewing a Multichannel Cycle Plan, the Last Activity Date displays. Users can sort by the Last Activity Date field, filter by a specific date, or filter for greater or less than a specific date.