Detailing Priority on the MCCP Target

  • CRM Desktop (Mac,Windows)
  • iPad

Admins have the ability to indicate the suggested Detail position for each product for an MCCP Target on the Call page in the Detailing Priority section. Users can also view the Detail Goals and Remaining quantities.

For example, Amy Adams's team has a new marketing plan for Cholecap. To ensure her team members detail Cholecap before any other product, she sets Cholecap to a detail priority of 1.

Only calls with a detail priority that matches the MCCP count towards the attainment value. The Priority field displays in the MCCP widget in the Detailing Priority section of the Call screen. The Goal and Remaining fields also display in the MCCP widget if edit FLS permission is granted.

The values of the detail priorities are set using the Detail_Priority_vod field on the MC Cycle Plan Product object. If MCCP_ENABLE_DETAIL_PRIORITY_vod is set to 1 and the user has Read or Edit FLS to the Detail_Priority_vod field, the Detail Priority feature is enabled and the MCCP sub-section will show Detail Priority and Product as columns.

Admins can use the MCCP_DISABLE_CALL_WIDGET_vod Multichannel Setting to identify call record types that should not display in the MCCP Widget.