Capping Activity and Targets

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The addition of multiple channel activities for a Territory Plan provides ultimate flexibility, but it also introduces concern with how the channels are used. To accommodate varying use cases, MCCP provides the optional feature of placing a maximum value on Product Activities Earned, Channel Activities Earned, and Target Interactions Earned. Capping provides the following overall benefits:

  • Prevents users from overreaching on certain channels or Targets (which means they are likely under-reaching with other activities or Targets)
  • Prevents abuse of certain channel activities

Ensure initial configuration is complete before enabling this functionality.

Example 1 - Capping Channel Activities Earned

An MCCP has two Channels: Calls and Email. Overall management is providing the territory the ability to use the Email channel as an activity type and the Territory will certainly get credit for using this channel, but management is also concerned with the over-use of this channel - especially since this activity type is easily performed. Management does not provide explicit instructions on how many emails can be sent for each Target (Email Channel Activity Goal), but they do want to ensure that no more than three promotional emails should be sent to each Target during the Cycle.

Configuration for this example use case:

  • Each Target has an overall value in the Channel_Interaction_Goal_vod field on the MC_Cycle_Plan_Target_vod object
  • Targets may or may not have a value in the Channel_Activity_Goal_vod field on the MC_Cycle_Plan_Channel_vod object
  • Each Target has a value of three in the Channel_Activity_Max_vod field on the MC_Cycle_Plan_Channel_vod object for the Email channel. This means the Territory receives credit for up to three emails against their MCCP progress. Any additional emails are not counted towards MCCP progress.

Example 2 - Capping Target Interactions Earned

Another use case of capping is at the Target level. This is a use case where management does not want the Territory to exceed the overall Channel Goal for a Target. This means regardless of what the MCCP end user earns for their Channel Activities for the Target, they cannot exceed more than the max for the Target.

Configuration for this example:

  • A Target has an overall value in the Channel_Interaction_Goal_vod field on the MC_Cycle_Plan_Target_vod object (for example, 20.00)
  • The Target also has a value in the Channel_Interaction_Max_vod field on the MC_Cycle_Plan_Target_vod (for example, 20.00)
  • The Target may or may not have Channel Activity Goals or Max values for each channel
  • The Territory earns credit for up to 20.00 Channel Interactions Earned for the Target. Any additional activities resulting in excess of 20.00 Target Interactions Earned are not counted.