Real-Time Calculations for Classic Cycle Plans

  • iPad
  • Browser

Real-time calculations for Classic Cycle Plans allow call activities to be updated more frequently, allowing users to take more immediate action on calls as well as to view daily activity for their team which aids in reaching target goals.

As a user creates new calls in CRM for iPad or Online, the Cycle Plans values for My Calls are updated immediately with the most recent active Cycle Plan. The Cycle Plan must also be unlocked. A batch job is still required to run in order to calculate team calls. Team calls in CRM for iPad will only update after the next sync. My Calls will update in real time both online and in CRM for iPad.

Real-Time Calculations also support the ability to customize which calls are used in the calculation.

For example, Sarah Jones is planning her calls for the next day. Using real-time calculations, she sees the most recent activity for her team and notes there are outstanding calls needed with Dr. Ackerman. She schedules a call for the next day with Dr. Ackerman to help meet the team's goals.

Configuring Real-Time Calculations

Ensure initial configuration is complete before enabling this functionality.

To enable this feature:

  1. Grant users the following permissions:

    Object OLS Record Types Fields FLS






  2. Configure the following to allow users to view updated call activity in the following areas

    Area Enable

    Cycle Plan Period

    Select the CALC_CYCLE_PLANS_REALTIME_vod Veeva Setting check box

    Account Profile

    Enable Cycle Plans

    VMobile Home Page

    Enable Cycle Plans

    Cycle Plans 

    Enable Cycle Plans for CRM for iPad 

    Select the CALC_CYCLE_PLANS_REALTIME_vod Veeva Setting check box

    Cycle Plan information in the scheduler

    Confirm Scheduler for the appropriate userSelect the CALC_CYCLE_PLANS_REALTIME_vod Veeva Setting check box

  1. Activate the Cycle Plan Adjustment VMOC.
  2. Activate the following Veeva Settings:
  • CALC_CYCLE_PLANS_REALTIME – enables real-time calculation of cycle plans. Requires proper SOQL syntax.
  • CALC_CYCLE_PLANS_ACTUAL - (default = CALC_CYCLE_PLANS_ACTUAL;;CyclePlan) in conjunction with the Veeva message, defines query for which calls should be used for the calculation
  • CALC_CYCLE_PLANS_SCHEDULED – (default = CALC_CYCLE_PLANS_SCHEDULED;;CyclePlan) in conjunction with the Veeva message, defines the query for which calls should be used for the calculation
  1. Enable the following Veeva Messages:
  • CALC_CYCLE_PLANS_ACTUAL – determines which calls to be queried for real –time calculation of Actual counts
  • CALC_CYCLE_PLANS_SCHEDULED – determines which calls to be queried for real-time calculation of Scheduled counts

If the Veeva messages are null, all calls in the territory for the cycle plan target in the cycle plan time frame are calculated.

Using Real-Time Calculations

Two settings support customization:


When using the CALC_CYCLE_PLANS_ACTUAL_vod Veeva Setting, customers can choose to update the nightly process to use the same WHERE clause used in the CALC_CYCLE_PLAN_ACTUAL message.

To do that, add that WHERE clause criteria into the two related Apex classes delivered by Veeva:


Where Clauses

Where clause criteria is limited to the following:

  • Date or date/time values, or date literals
  • Date functions: TODAY (), Last_N_DAYS(). For example, Last_N_DAYS:3
  • Parenthesis to define the order in which field expressions are evaluated – must specify parenthesis when nesting operators

Operators supported:

  • =
  • !=
  • <
  • >
  • <=
  • =>
  • LIKE

Logical operators supported:

  • AND
  • OR

Other conditions include the following:

  • Nested select statements are not supported
  • No joins or multiple objects are supported
  • Where clause criteria is only supported for the Call object
  • In the Where clause, a territory filter is not possible since the territory on a cycle plan must match the territory of the target
  • Negative values are not supported in a formula translation to CRM for iPad
  • Formula fields are not supported in Real Time Calculations. The following fields will default to these offline values:
  • Remaining
  • Total Remaining
  • Attainment
  • Remaining Scheduled
  • Total Remaining Schedule