Attendees in My Schedule

  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • Browser (Classic)
  • Browser (Lightning)
  • Windows Tablet

For Calls with at least one attendee, the Attendee count displays in My Schedule in the week and agenda views, and in the detail popup in the week view. The attendee count also displays in the map view (iPad and iPhone), and in the month view (Browser and Windows Tablet).

Users can view detailed information about these attendees from the week and agenda views by selecting the Attendee count icon. This provides a more comprehensive view of attendees and key information related to a Call, allowing more efficient Call Planning.

For example, Sarah Jones visits Chilton Memorial Hospital to meet with several doctors at various times throughout the day. During the day, she refers to the planned Calls in My Schedule to prep for the upcoming meetings and is able to navigate easily between relevant Account and Call details.

There must be at least one attendee defined for the Call for the Attendee count to display.

Configuring Attendees in My Schedule

To use this feature, enable the Enable_Group_Call_Attendee_Display_vod Veeva Setting.

This feature works in conjunction with group calls with attendees or with individual calls by using the --paa section signal.

Viewing Attendee Details in My Schedule

To access this feature, navigate to the Agenda view or Map view (iPad / iPhone only) in My Schedule and select the Attendee Count icon from a scheduled Call entry. A list of attendees displays sorted in ascending order by Call. Users can select specific attendees from this list to access the following options:

  • View Account – Displays the Account profile page of the selected attendee. If a user made the Timeline view the default Account landing page, the Timeline view for that Account displays.
  • View Call – Opens the attendee’s Call Report. For Unique Activities on Group Calls, the attendee’s child Call displays.

The Open Account and View Call options are only available for attendees who are Accounts and Child Accounts, not for users or contacts.

To navigate back to the scheduled Call:

  • From an Account profile page, select the date on the top navigation bar
  • From a child or group Call, select Cancel
  • From the Timeline view, select Done

User Attendees

Users who are call attendees can view their appointments in My Schedule. For information on adding users as call attendees, see Attendee Section Signals.