Creating Time Off Territory

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Time Off Territory (TOT) allows a user to block off time for personal time, for example, vacation, sick days, or jury duty. Time Off Territory data is stored in the custom object. You can add fields as your organization requires to this object. You can also configure the list of values in the Reason_vod field per your organization’s requirements.

Hourly TOT

Time Off Territory can be captured and managed by the hour. By selecting the Hourly option from the Time picklist, a user is able to select a start time (Start Time picklist) from between 8 AM and 5 PM as well as the number of hours they are taking off via the Hours Off picklist field. The hourly TOT records are appropriately reflected within the user’s My Schedule page.

To enable hourly recording of Time Off Territory:

  1. Add the picklist value of Hourly to the Time picklist.
  2. Include all values of the dependent Start Time picklist when Hourly is selected by configuring the Picklist Options for the Controlling Field: Time.
  3. Include all values of the dependent Hours Off picklist when Hourly is selected by configuring the Picklist Options for the Controlling Field: Time.

TOT Approval

Time Off Territory also includes a basic approval workflow so users can request the time and have it approved by the appropriate person. You are free to configure this workflow per your organization’s needs. The approval process is only supported online, but an approved TOT request does display on the calendar for all platforms.

TOT on Weekends

If the user schedules a multi-day Time Off Territory spanning the weekend, the system does not consider the weekend (based on the user’s locale) when displaying the TOT on the calendar. For example, if the user, whose locale is en_US, creates a TOT record on Friday for three days, the system displays the TOT on Friday, Monday, and Tuesday. If a user, whose locale is ar_SA (Saudi Arabia which has a Saturday through Wednesday work week), creates the same TOT record, the system displays the TOT on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

MyInsights does not contain logic to skip the hard coded weekend days when calculating the TOT hours for a given week in the Average Calls Per Day report.

To support locales with alternate work weeks, or where weekends are not automatically disregarded, TOT can be configured to include all consecutive days on a multi-day TOT record. When enabled, per the example above, a TOT record beginning on Friday and lasting for three days is placed on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. This behavior is controlled through the DISABLE_TOT_WEEKENDS_vod Veeva custom setting.

Displaying Time Off Territory Error Messages

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Error messages can display if a user enters a Time Off Territory record that overlaps an existing entry or begins on the weekend.

For example, Sarah Jones attempts to create a TOT record for a company meeting on Monday. An all-day TOT record already exists for a company holiday on Monday. When Sarah attempts to create a record for the company meeting, an error message displays.

Configuring Time off Territory Error Messages.

  1. Enable the Prevent TOT Overlap Veeva Setting with a value of 2 to display errors when creating overlapping TOTs.
  2. Enable the Prevent TOT Weekend Veeva Setting with a value of 1 to display a warning if the user schedules a TOT on a weekend day.

Configuration Note for Time off Territory

The duration of a Time Off Territory record is based on the value of the Hours_vod field, which is a formula that returns the number of hours off depending on the values of the Time_vod and Hours_Off_vod picklist fields. For example, if the rep schedules a TOT on Friday for three days, the record has a Start_Date_vod equal to Friday's date, Time_vod is set to 3 days and Hours_vod is 24 (3 days x 8 hours per day).

If the Time_vod field is not populated, the Hours_vod field does not calculate.

If the DISABLE_TOT_WEEKENDS setting is disabled, the record does not count the weekend, Saturday and Sunday, and displays on Friday, Monday, and Tuesday. When the setting is enabled, hours on every consecutive day are included; therefore, the same TOT record displays on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. If you want the TOT to end on Tuesday, Hours_vod needs to be 40 and Time_vod field needs to be set to 5 Days.

If you enable the DISABLE_TOT_WEEKENDS_vod setting when TOT data already exists, you need to convert pre-existing data because legacy TOT data does not accurately reflect the actual days taken off if the TOT spans a weekend. This will ensure compliance with the new behavior.

Veeva only supports TOT up to five days in duration. Therefore, legacy records that are four or five days long and include weekend days need to be split into two TOT records.