The My Schedule Page

The My Schedule tab on the Browser (Classic) platform functions much like other well-known calendar applications such as Microsoft Outlook and Google’s online calendar. Some functionality includes:

  • Choose from Day, Week, Month and Call Cycle views
  • Drag and drop calls to different time slots within the same or different day
  • Basic information displays on each calendar entry
  • Hovering over a calendar entry provides a tooltip with additional information.

The My Schedule tab for Veeva CRM online is configured by enabling the ENABLE_NEW_CALENDAR_ONLINE Veeva Setting.CRM for iPad has the calendar enabled by default; each platform’s calendar is designed to support the unique capabilities of that platform.

Pre-call notes are populated for a user from the next call notes they entered on the most recent call for that account. The Pre-Call Notes entry field in the Day view of My Schedule can be suppressed through standard Field Level Security. If the field is read-only or not visible, it does not display in the Day view.

The Time picklist field can be suppressed for calls on the My Schedule page by using the Call_Date_vod field instead of the Call_DateTime_vod for call reporting functionality. Additional requirements for switching to call datetime are described in Selecting a Call Datetime

The active Cycle Plan for a user can be displayed in the account list dropdown on the Scheduler. To have this list display on My Schedule's Scheduler function on the Windows Tablet or CRM for iPad platforms, ensure there are active VMOCs for both the Cycle_Plan_vod and Cycle_Plan_Target_vod object, the user has visibility to the Cycle_Plan_vod and Cycle_Plan_Target_vod objects, and the user has an active Cycle Plan.

Additional Functionality for My Schedule page

  • Users can copy their weekly schedule to a call cycle by clicking the Copy button. This button is visible if the Call Cycles tab is visible and the Enable_Copy_To_Call_Cycle_Button Veeva Setting is enabled.
  • For users who do not use the Call Cycle functionality, the Call Cycle tab can be hidden by selecting the Disable_Call_Cycle_View_vod field on the Preferences_vod object. The tab can also be hidden by removing visibility to the Call_Cycle_Entry_vod object.
  • The addresses available for selection for each call can be controlled by managing a field on the Address object. The Inactive_vod field on Address object provides a mechanism to filter the addresses available for selection. If an address record has this field selected, then the address record is not displayed. The default value is not selected.
  • The Day and Week views in My Schedule can display the number of attendees for group calls or for individual calls with attendees. This allows sales representatives to determine how many HCPs were visited and determine if the reps will meet their targets. This feature is enabled by setting the Veeva Setting Enable_Group_Call_Attendee_Display.
  • My Schedule tab also includes a Monthly View. Reps can view their schedule for a full month, create new calls, and drill into existing calls, Events and Time of Territory records. The monthly My Schedule is designed for ease of use and utilizes many of the familiar calendar functionalities available in other scheduling applications.
  • Full Week View adheres to the user’s locale, as defined in User Setup within so that the first day of the week is displayed in the left most column. For example, if the user’s locale is English (United States) the first day of the seven day week is Sunday, while a user with a locale of English (United Kingdom) will see Monday as the first day of the full week.

It is recommended that if you are utilizing the My Schedule page, users should be granted Delete privileges to the Call2_vod object to assist them in cleaning up their My Schedule page. Additionally, when changing messages or settings for the My Schedule page, it is recommended to clear the Veeva cache and instruct users to clear their browser’s cache.