Calendar Views

Visibility of each view within the calendar can be controlled through individual Veeva custom settings.

Veeva Custom Setting



When enabled, the Agenda view is visible in the calendar. The Map button plots the addresses tied to Calls on that day in a map and uses the time sequence to give turn-by-turn directions from one Call to the next. The addresses are plotted in Google Maps using the default system browser.


When enabled, the List Scheduler is visible in the calendar.


Enables the calendar. Once enabled, enable 1 or more of the following:


  • Enable Calendar Agenda View
  • Enable Calendar Week View
  • Enable Calendar Month View


Need object visibility to Call_Cycle_Entries object


Enable_ Calendar_Month_View_vod When enabled, the Month view is visible in the calendar.

If Enable New iPad Calendar is enabled but none of the sub-panels are enabled, the page does not display properly.