Call Booking Support

Designated users (Booking Agents) can plan and assign calls for other users (typically sales reps). Booking Agents have the ability to select multiple calls and assign them to a single rep. The assignment of a Call involves the transfer of ownership of the call; the assignee becomes the new owner of the Call and is able to view the Call on his/her calendar.

Only calls with a status of Planned can be assigned. Once assigned, only the new owner can delete the call. The Call Assignment rights should not be granted to field users, only to Booking Agents. These users must have visibility to the Assigner_vod and Assignment_Datetime_vod fields on the Call2_vod object.

Call Booking is not supported with Unique Activities Group Calls.

Configuring Call Booking Support

  1. Create two different Call page layouts:

    • Primary Care Layout for the sales rep – Status field = Read-only
    • Booking Agent Layout – Status field = Editable. This allows the Booking Agent to modify the Call booking and save the details while the Call Status remains Planned allowing the transfer of the Call to the user after editing details.
  2. Create/Expose the Calls tab and create the appropriate Call views (only Calls with status Planned display).
  3. Grant assigners access to the Call_Booking_vod VisualForce page.
  4. Expose the Assign button to the List buttons for Calls.
  5. Grant assigners access to the VOD_CALL_BOOKING Apex class.
  6. Ensure the end-user has FLS Read permission to the Status_vod__c field on the Call Page Layout.

The Booking Agent needs to correctly assign all Calls to the end user:

  • Transfer master Calls and any related Child Calls created (if Attendees/location are added)
  • Create a Call for the Book Agent (Status = planned, by future_owner = user). The Booking Agent can sort by Future_owner to identify all Calls to be transferred to the user.

Veeva CRM supports the Call Booking feature online.