Call Conflict Warning

The conflict warning helps identify calls for which other calls on the same account have already been scheduled within a specified time period. This improves field activity coordination. To avoid call planning conflicts, it is possible to display a warning sign icon that displays depending on call conflict date thresholds. The icon is visible on My Schedule and within a Call Report.

Call Conflict Warning is supported in CRM for iPad in all places of My Schedule. Access is enabled through the Account page and the Account Multichannel Calendar, if the Calendar button display on the Account page layout.

Configuring Call Conflict Warning

Set the Call_Scheduleconflict_threshold_vod Veeva Setting to the desired value. The value must be between 0 and 3.

  • 0 = no conflict control
  • 1 = system checks if another call is present on the selected date
  • 2 = system checks if another call is present 1 day before or after the selected date
  • 3 = system checks if another call is present within 2 days before or after the selected date

Viewing Conflicts on Call Reports

It is possible to display Call Conflict information directly on the Call Report layout, giving users the ability to identify potential conflicts when recording a call.

Add the zvod_Call_Conflict_Status_vod field to the desired Call Report page layouts. This field should be configured in combination with the Conflict Threshold setting in order to work properly.

This field should not be exposed on the layout if the Conflict Threshold is set to 0.