My Schedule Platforms

This topic illustrates which features are supported on the various Veeva CRM platforms.

General Features

Feature iPad


Online Windows Tablet
Agenda View
Agenda View – Creating Single Calls
Agenda View – Hiding

Using Send to Maps

Attendees in My Schedule
Calendar –Manager Visibility
Calendar Sharing
Call Booking Support
Call Conflict Warning
Call Cycles – Applying Daily Cycles
Call Cycles – Applying Weekly Cycles
Call Cycles – Managing
Call Scheduler
Call Scheduler – Bookmarks
Call Scheduler – Creating Bookmarks
Call Scheduler – Configurable Cycle Plan Fields
External Calendars – Viewing
List Scheduler View

Map View

Map View – Mapping Daily Calls
MCCP Filtering in My Schedule
Medical Events – Viewing
Month View
Office Best Times Visibility
Time Off Territory – Creating and Viewing
Time Off Territory – Approval Workflow

Time Off Territory –Omitting Weekends for Multi-day Entries

Toggling the Call Location Display
Week View
Week View – Creating Time Slot Calls

Week View – Hiding

Work Week Localization