My Schedule Week View

Users can view their scheduled activities in a weekly format by selecting the Week button in the toolbar.

The My Schedule Week view is formatted like any common calendar program, such as Outlook or Google Calendar. Activities display in time slots in each day sized to represent their duration. If an activity is less than 30 minutes long, the box is the size of a 30 minute activity to maintain visibility of its caption. If activities share a time slot, the calendar displays them as staggered. Selecting an activity opens a detail window displaying both high-level details and context-sensitive actions for the activity.

The Duration_vod field displays on the Call page only for Calls scheduled in My Schedule. If the call originated elsewhere, Duration_vod does not display.

The Show Weekend switch allows the user to toggle weekends on and off. The user can enter delete mode by selecting and holding an activity in the calendar. Calls can be moved to new time slots or to different days using drag-and-drop.

Activities on the calendar in My Schedule display in 30 minutes time slots, even if they are scheduled for less than 30 minutes. This is the default Online.

Configuration is not needed for this feature.

Using the Weekly Call Scheduler

The Weekly Call Scheduler is accessed by selecting Schedule Calls in the action sheet under the new record button. This window allows the user to have visibility and schedule calls for an entire week.

The top third of the window contains the filter selector, pagination controls, and the search results. The filter selector determines which accounts display in the results area. Each available filter in the picklist shows the number of accounts matching the filter in parentheses next to the filter name. There are three default filters:

  • All – lists all visible accounts
  • All Business Accounts – shows business accounts only
  • All Person Accounts – shows person accounts only

Account lists and account views display in the filter list as well as the active cycle plan.

When the user selects a filter, the accounts matching the filter display in the results area: 

  • Fields displayed in the account bubble sub-text should take the values from the TSF that matches the Cycle Plan Territory
  • Filters should return results from TSFs that match any territory the user is assigned to
  • Multi-select picklists are not supported on offline devices

If the user chooses the active cycle plan in the filter selector, cycle plan target metrics display beneath the account name (Planned, Actual, Scheduled, Attainment or Remaining) and Remaining Schedule). The user can tap the metrics to view more detailed information for the target in a popup window that includes a graphical indicator that illustrates progress and a table that shows call goals by product. The user can toggle a segmented control to show their call goals or their teams call goals.

The search box above the filter selector employs type-ahead search. Typing letters in the search box will instantly constrain the accounts in the current filter.

The right side of the window displays the weekly calendar. The user creates a new call by dragging an account from the search results into the desired time slot in the calendar. Call duration can be adjusted by dragging the resize handle (    ).

To delete one or more calls, select and hold an activity on the calendar. The calls that can be deleted begin to shake and a delete button    displays in the top left corner. Tap the delete button and the call is removed. Select the Done button to exit delete mode.

Using My Schedule Filter Recall

  • iPad

On the iPad platform, users can recall the last filter and bookmark displayed when a user navigates away and then returns to the Call Scheduler.

To recall a filter or bookmark, grant users need FLS edit permission to the Last_Scheduler_Bookmark_vod and Last_Scheduler_Account_View_User_vod fields onthe Preferences_vod object.

Configuration is not needed for this feature. To disable this feature, remove FLS to both the Last_Scheduler_Bookmark_vod and Last_Account_View_Used_vod fields.