Displaying Call Objective Messages

CLM Call Objectives direct a user to display a specified piece of CLM content when visiting a particular Account. A CLM Call Objective may contain a unique selling proposition, for example a formulary change, the user details during a Call. To make it easier for users to execute, and to make content updates easier for content creators, a message now displays below the CLM Call Objective with instructions about the objective.

A new field, CLM_Messaging_vod, contains the customer-defined message that displays.

Configuring Call Objective Messages

To enable this feature, grant the appropriate user profiles FLS permission to the CLM_Messaging_vod field on the Call_Objective_vod object. The CLM_Messaging_vod field displays as read-only within the CLM Call Objective section of the Call whether FLS is visible or read-only.  

Veeva recommends not placing the CLM_Messaging_vod field on the page layout assigned to the CLM Call Objective as it displays by default. If the field is placed on the page layout, configure it as read-only.  Otherwise, when users access a CLM Call Objective detail record (for example, from the Call Objectives homepage component), users could modify the customer-managed data.

The CLM_Messaging_vod field displays with respect to profile visibility and page layout configuration if it is applied to other Call Objective record types.

This feature is available on the iPad and Windows.